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Do you want God’s answer?

How many times when we struggle to figure something out, do we ignore God who is standing there with the answer, just waiting for us to ask? And for those of us who know God has all the answers, and … Continue reading

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Divine Conversation

When I was praying this morning, I said, “Father, teach me what You want me to learn.” The ears of my heart heard, “I have taught you. Always be turned towards me, tuned in. I am always speaking to you, … Continue reading

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Arise Up!

Arise up, ye people of the LORD. Arise up, ye people of Jehovah. Arise up, ye people of Almighty God. Arise up, ye people of Yahweh. Arise up, ye people of Yeshua. Arise up, ye Christians. Arise up, you who are in the … Continue reading

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Are you holding back because of fear?

Are there things God might be asking you to do, but you are turning a deaf ear because you are afraid? Fear is not of God; therefore, you know where fear is coming from. Fear cripples, paralyzes, hinders. Fear is … Continue reading

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Tell me what you believe by what you do.

How we live our lives tells people what we believe far more convincingly than when we just talk about it. Our words gain authority when we are living what we say. And even when we don’t say anything, people learn … Continue reading

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The truth prevails

No lie from the enemy will ever be as powerful as the truth. All lies will be overcome by the truth. Lies are flimsy and changing. Lies have no root in anything firm. Lies cannot hold for long before they … Continue reading

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The way we fit together

Many, if not all, of us have a desire to fit in. At first, that desire to fit in might manifest as wanting to be like everyone else, but that’s not what it’s all about. I believe God created us … Continue reading

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