Holy Hunger

God designed us to have deep needs, powerful spiritual hunger that only God can fill. If we go to God with this hunger, He satisfies the hunger, filling us with His love, and it keeps us connected with Him, like an umbilical cord. God loves us and we need Him. We were created to have relationship with Him that we might love and be loved.

Only God can satisfy this holy hunger. When we go to anything else to fulfill it, the hunger will not be satisfied. We may be temporarily distracted from the hunger, but the hunger is still there when the distraction is gone. And the hunger gets stronger, because it’s not being satisfied. So we go to more things to distract ourselves from it; the hunger continues to grow while we become addicted to distracting ourselves from it. The hunger is growing all along, because it is never getting filled. The distractions we use to try to mask the hunger continue to get more and more extreme, perverse, costly.

This pattern continues until we: a) replace it with another distraction, which still doesn’t satisfy the hunger, and therefore will tend towards excess again eventually, or b) go to God and cry out to Him to fill us.

The only real way out is to go to God. Go to Him and cry out to Him. We don’t even know what we need, only that we are hurting and need something. It is God that we need. What we have is a holy hunger that only God can satisfy.

People with “addictive personalities” have been blessed with a huge holy appetite for God, and they’ve been going to the wrong things to try to fill it. These things become addictions, excessive, compulsions.

The holy hunger is meant to be a blessing, because it will keep us ever connected with our Creator who loves us. When we keep going to God with our needs and our emptiness, we continue in a holy and deeply satisfying exchange with God through our spiritual umbilical cord. We are bound to Him who gives us life rather than bound to some earthly thing that ends up being a burden.

Do you have a holy hunger that you’ve been trying to fill with other things?


About Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a wife, homemaker, reader, writer, violinist, and whatever else God has her be at the time.
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