Prayer for direction

Father, guide me to do Your will. Father, I have felt like I’ve been misfocused. The days go by and I feel like I haven’t done enough of what is important and have spent too much time on frivolous things. Father, remove from me the thorns and weeds that have been distracting me from what is truly important. Remove from me those things that have been robbing me of the time and energy that you give me to accomplish your will, not my own will.

When I’m doing my own will, I end up feeling listless and unsatisfied. I don’t want to do my own will anymore, Father. I want to do what You created me to do. I want to do Your will, Father. Please wash away from my heart my own will, and write Your will for me in my heart. I ask that You cause me to delight to do Your will, Father. Take my will and change it into Your will, Father. Take Your will and place it in my heart, that it may be my will.

I want to follow Your Holy Spirit all day long, Father. I want to do what You are leading me and guiding me to do, not what I imagine up on my own without You. Father, I don’t want to do anything that is not Your will.

Remove from me those weeds, Father, those thorns that have been choking out Your will for my life.

My arms and hands and mind and soul and spirit, my entire body and self, belong to You, Father. I exist for Your glory, and I want to glorify You now and always. Father, make me what You want me to be. Make me all that You want me to be. Remove the flaws,  the selfishness, the lusts, the pride–remove them far away from me. Let me never serve myself any more. Father, I only want to serve You.

Root out all wickedness from me, Father. Take away all evil and self-serving thoughts. Help me keep my mind and heart turned towards You, Father, focused on You always. Father, let me never be deceived or distracted. Let me not waste the precious life and gifts You have given me on vanity and foolishness and things that are not Your will for me, Father.

Remove from me, Father, any dream that is not of You. I don’t want to chase after emptiness anymore. I only want to chase after You and the dreams You have placed in my heart, those sanctified dreams that are there for Your glory, Lord God.

I want every moment to be for Your glory, Father. I want every thought to honor and glorify You, Father. Please, Father. Remove from me the infirmity of selfishness, and heal me that I am whole and wholly of You, through You, and to You, LORD God.

In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, Amen.


About Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a wife, homemaker, reader, writer, violinist, and whatever else God has her be at the time.
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