That which satisfies

We go to all kinds of things to satisfy a need, a hunger, an emptiness. There are times when what we need is a physical thing like food or shelter or water–in those cases, food or shelter or water satisfies the need. But there are many times when our hunger or need is not a physical one. That’s when the danger starts.

We all have built-in needs that only God can fill. When we are not filling those needs with God, we try to fill them with other things, and the result is never fully satisfying. We continually hunger for more. We end up with unhealthy appetites for things we’ve used to try to fill unsatisfied needs, things that temporarily distract us from the deeper need, but that don’t actually fill that need. In a sense, we become addicted to the distraction. But then there is never real peace within ourselves.

There is only one thing that will satisfy those God-needs: God.

What it takes is going to God and asking Him to fill that need, many times a need we cannot identify except that it hurts and we feel lacking. But God knows exactly what the need is and He knows exactly how to fill it–to fill the need and not just temporarily distract us from it.

God knows how to truly satisfy us, and He delights in doing so. When we ask, it is admitting that we need Him, and that only He can satisfy us or fix this problem we are having. Then He fills us, and we receive comfort and are satisfied and along comes this wonderful thing called the peace of God that passes all understanding. And we are closer to God. We experience His warm, soothing, all-powerful comfort.

When we continually go to God for what only God can fill, we find out that the earthly counterfeits cannot compare, and we lose our taste for them, we lose interest in them. We become free from them.

And finally…

We are satisfied.

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About Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a wife, homemaker, reader, writer, violinist, and whatever else God has her be at the time.
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