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Tell me what you believe by what you do.

How we live our lives tells people what we believe far more convincingly than when we just talk about it. Our words gain authority when we are living what we say. And even when we don’t say anything, people learn … Continue reading

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Willingness To Give

My niece spent the day with me the day before Thanksgiving. We enjoyed many of the blessings of our relationship: we read together, silently and out loud; we had lunch with Uncle Dave when he came home for his lunch … Continue reading

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Prayer: Make my will be Yours, Father.

Father, make my will line up with Your will. Work in me to want what You want. Remove from me all wrong desires. Remove from me any will that doesn’t honor You and line up with Your will. Your word … Continue reading

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Setting Goals to the Glory of God

I have grown up with the idea that goals are great: set them and achieve them! However, as I grow in Christ, I am questioning this principle. I have been very goal-oriented. I’ve customarily set goals and achieved them, striving … Continue reading

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There are more important things…

There are more important things than what we can see and feel and touch. Eternal things. Things we cannot necessarily see, but which have a far more lasting impact than those things we can see. In the First Epistle of … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid!

When God calls you to do something, don’t be afraid. Go ahead and do what God is calling you to do. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s been done before. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Prayer for direction

Father, guide me to do Your will. Father, I have felt like I’ve been misfocused. The days go by and I feel like I haven’t done enough of what is important and have spent too much time on frivolous things. … Continue reading

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