Seeds are planted.

We trust God to work through us as He pleases. We keep our hearts focused on the Lord, and we trust Him to guide us.

When we have a conversation with someone, God knows what that person needs to hear, and God speaks through us, sometimes when we don’t even know it. We might think we are saying something for one reason, but God might use it in a totally different way than we thought. There have been many times when I have said something to someone, and later that person tells me that what I said was exactly what they needed to hear; but when that person describes it, I hear what I said in a totally different way than I meant it. Yet it was what that person needed to hear. God knows what each person needs. God causes us to hear what He wants us to hear. And if we trust Him, God causes us to say what He wants us to say.

When we don’t know what we are supposed to say, we may just listen. If God gives us something to speak, we may speak it, but we don’t have to try to make them understand it our way; rather, we may let God do with it as He pleases in their lives.

God plants the seeds He wants planted. God waters the seeds He wants to grow. God gives the sunshine needed for growth. In due season, there is fruit God intended.


About Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a wife, homemaker, reader, writer, violinist, and whatever else God has her be at the time.
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