As you give yourself, you find yourself.

As you give yourself, you find yourself.  It seems backwards, but  it’s right.

Turning thoughts inward doesn’t have lasting good results.  There may be some temporary highs resulting from an exhilarating thought or way of looking at things, but then that fades away or makes you want to not be around other people so you can just stay in that place, and it always goes away anyway, or you are forced out of it when you have to actually do something or spend time with someone.  It can make one resentful towards others for interfering with that personal high.  This is not the way it is supposed to be.

We were created to have fellowship with God and with one another.  If we were all supposed to sit and look into ourselves all the time, I think we would have each been given our own planet, rather than all having to share one and live on it together.  And why would we have arms and legs?  Why not just be heads on a pole?

We are made to interact.  We each have our own gifts, given to us by God, gifts which help each other, gifts which knit us together with each other.  We are to love one another.  Always.

To find yourself, begin to serve others.  Begin to love others.  Begin to pay attention to what those around you are saying or doing or might have need  of.  Help one another.  As you serve others, you will find yourself, because you will be accomplishing your purpose for being here, you will be discovering how your gifts can help others, you will be seeing beauty in others.  You will experience joy in giving to others.  You will also find that your own needs are met, and you may not even understand how that is, but you may suddenly realize that you are not feeling so empty and unhappy anymore.

It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.  It blesses others, and, like it or not, it blesses you.


About Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a wife, homemaker, reader, writer, violinist, and whatever else God has her be at the time.
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