A Bit of Desert

Do you feel like you are walking through a desert during this time of your life?  So what does this mean?

The desert is a place between two places that are not desert.  Most likely, the one you left behind you was bondage of some kind, yet you were used to it and there were even some things that you liked about it.  But you left it because you perceived there was more for you.  You perceived you were missing freedom that God wants for you.  So you left that place, which may have been all you knew up until then, and went into the unknown in faith.

At first when you left the old place, you rejoiced, because you knew you had escaped from the bonds that were there.  You were excited about your new life, which you imagined would be all wonderful since you would be free from the old bondage.

But then that initial excitement wore off.  When you looked around you, everything looked dry and unknown and harsh.  You might have even thought about going back to that old place of bondage, because at least you had food there, or some creature comforts that sounded good now that you were in this desert place.   However, remind yourself of why you left there in the first place; keep going forward, even though it looks hard.  Go forward in faith that there is something better beyond.  And there is.

This desert is a cleansing place.  Superfluous things are stripped away from you.  You lose excess weight.  Your burdens get lighter, even though you are feeling weaker from thirst.  You call out to God.  Does He hear you?  You call out to Him again.  Does He hear You?  Yes, He does hear You.  “How long do I have to stay here, LORD?  Didn’t You tell me to leave that old place so You  could give me something better?  Didn’t You tell me I was going to be free from that bondage?”

God hears You.  There is an end to this desert.  And then you will enter the promised land, lighter, free, ready to receive true peace.  But you must allow that other stuff to be stripped away.  Let the desert cleanse you.  Learn to call on the LORD instead of trying to find comfort your own way.  Be patient, and you will receive the reward you hoped for, and it will be even better than you imagined.

The place you are going to through faith in Jesus Christ is a fruitful, rich, right and meaningful place.  Continue in faith, and you will get there.  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.


About Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a wife, homemaker, reader, writer, violinist, and whatever else God has her be at the time.
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